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9 Best Music Applications For Android Mobiles

For so many, a smartphone is a music player with a built-in phone. Put your Android to good use with these top-notch music and podcasting applications.

The contemporary smartphone owes a lot to the influence of music. What percentage of iPod owners went over to the iPhone because they were able to import their entire library of iTunes music? Millions of people use Android-based smartphones and tablets, and they have a wide range of excellent music-listening alternatives. Whether you’re making a playlist, relying on a streaming service, or listening to podcasts, your Android phone can meet all of your audio demands while you’re on the move. All of our top-rated music streaming services have Android applications available. Though the applications are free to download, listening to all the content is not possible. Some applications are free, but they make you listen to advertisements.


Slacker Radio was a superb music streaming service in its heyday and the new LiveXLive app is based on the old Slacker Radio platform. LiveXLive is continuing the tradition of the original LiveXLive software. This is one of our favourite music streaming services because of its curated channels, skilled DJ presenters, and overall clean design.

SiriusXM internet Radio

In comparison to its music-focused competitors, SiriusXM may not have the best audio quality. The service has a large library of songs to choose from. SiriusXM, a premier provider of satellite radio, offers a wide variety of live shows, including comedic ones, sports ones, and Howard Stern feels like discussing.


Spotify has revolutionised music consumption in a way that hasn’t been seen since iTunes. Rather than purchasing individual tracks, it became the standard overnight to subscribe to a complete music collection and listen to it whenever you want. Although other streaming services provide unique features, Spotify remains a preferred pick because of its cooperative playlists, exclusive podcasts, and capable free tiers.


Tidal is concerned about music. Because Jay-Z, the app’s most prominent creative force, pushed it as a smarter manner for musicians to put out high-quality audio and receive high-quality royalties, that makes sense. Extras like thematic playlists and written editorial articles complement the Hi-Res Audio sound quality well. Be prepared to shell out a fee.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon’s music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited

A lot of individuals desire to be able to appreciate music in addition to other aspects of their daily lives. Streaming music services may be integrated with other popular household gadgets. The Hi-Res Audio tier of Streaming Music is an even better service than the standard one. Amazon gear owners, who can request Alexa to be their DJ, would find this feature much more tempting. Because these devices run on Android, the Android app works well with them. In comparison to Amazon Music Unlimited’s 60 million tracks, Prime memberships include Amazon Prime Music, which offers just 2 million songs.


There isn’t a lot of innovation in Deezer, but it does an excellent job with the basics of music streaming. It’s a great app for mobile devices. You may listen to live radio, listen to music with lyrics, see videos, and download podcasts. If only the Android app would allow you to submit MP3 files as on the PC, we’d be happy.


If you’re concerned about the quality of music streaming, Qobuz should set your mind at ease. Hi-Res Audio makes listening to music on this service more enjoyable than listening to it on a CD. For a more long-term solution, you may buy downloads. This Android app is as pleasing to look at as it is to listen to, thanks to its clean and uncluttered interface.

YouTube Music

YouTube is more than a place to watch music videos and repeat them over and over. For the firm that makes the Android operating system, YouTube Music has replaced Google Play Music. Based on your opinion of the firm, playlists that alter location-based and time may be scary rather than cool. But the free version, superb lyric-based search capabilities, collaborative mixes, and the option to shift between audio and video at will are all available to everyone.

Apple Music

An Apple product for an Android handset is as weird as it sounds, but Apple has made an Apple Music app for phones that aren’t iPhones. Music has a way of bringing people. Apple Music’s shortcomings (limited capacity, no free version) become more noticeable when it is removed from its environment.


In addition, there are apps such as idagio, iHeartRadio, and so. Choose an app to keep you engaged based on your preferred genre of music. Other applications require a paid membership to unlock premium features like offline playback or better Hi-Res Audio sound quality. There may be no free tier at all for certain apps. Before you press play, learn a bit more about each of the available Android music apps.

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